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Season 7

Episode 1 - New Blood

The episode opens with footage of the crews holding an informal memorial for Phil Harris before the start of the King crab season. Phil’s ashes are placed in a crab pot and then dropped into the sea (which according to Josh Harris was his fathers’ wish), and the crews set off fireworks (and a few ...

Air Date: Apr 12, 2011

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Episode 2 - Proving Grounds

The Cornelia Marie and the Ramblin’ Rose struggle to catch blue king crab. Engineer Steve Ward questions the skill of Captain Derrick Ray. Captain Elliot Neese discards the fishing advice he received from a friend and moves onto different fishing grounds. On board the Wizard, Captain Keith Colburn moves to a spot last used during ...

Air Date: Apr 19, 2011

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Episode 3 - Old Age & Treachery

The struggles aboard the Cornelia Marie continue with poor numbers of crabs. Josh Harris asks Captain Derrick Ray for assurance that they will find the crab. Egged on by the crew, Jake Harris asks for and receives time at the helm. Then next day, when he asks for a second time at the helm, Captain ...

Air Date: Apr 26, 2011

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Episode 4 - Breaking Point

The Seabrooke takes on an enthusiastic new greenhorn before heading off to go blue crab fishing. After two hours of fishing, the greenhorn enters the wheelhouse complaining that he has reached his mental breaking point after being hazed by the rest of the crew. On board the still struggling Cornelia Marie, tensions run high as ...

Air Date: May 3, 2011

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Episode 5 - A Wing and a Prayer

After offloading 141,000 pounds (64,000 kg) of crab, the Northwestern heads off for their second trip. However, a power failure leaves the boat drifting uncontrollably towards the dock. While the rest of the crew ineffectively scrambles to drop the anchor, Edgar Hansen switches over to the auxiliary engine and restores power to the boat. On ...

Air Date: May 10, 2011

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Episode 6 - Exit Wounds

Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard catches deckhand Lynn Guitard asleep during the wheel watch. The next day, Lynn apologizes, but Keith tells him that he may never do another wheel watch again, but if he does and falls asleep again, he will be fired immediately. When the Wizard finally offloads after a 15 day ...

Air Date: May 17, 2011

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Episode 7 - Thick as Thieves

While steaming to Dutch Harbor, Captain Derrick Ray of the Cornelia Marie, still suspecting that some of the crew are using marijuana, goes on a hunt to find the drugs and finds drug paraphernalia in the engine room. Captain Derrick calls the Unalaska Police Department about his suspicions and asks them to be at the ...

Air Date: May 24, 2011

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Episode 8 - Graduation Day

The fleet makes a push towards the end of the season before a storm hits the Bering sea. On the Ramblin’ Rose, the crew continues to grumble about Captain Elliot Neese driving them hard. A few talk about not returning next season. However, when the season ends and the deckhands receive their $30,000 share of ...

Air Date: May 31, 2011

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