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Season 4

Episode 1 - Get 'Em Back Safe!

On the way to Dutch Harbor from Seattle, Washington, the Wizard had a 6-inch (15 cm) hole torn into the hull after being hit by a 40-foot (12 m) rogue wave. Relief Captain Monte Colburn had a temporary patch put in place until the Wizard could be returned to a shipyard for permanent repairs. Captain ...

Air Date: Apr 15, 2008

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Episode 2 - Striking Out

A storm front forced the Northwestern to drop their pots 50 nautical miles (93 km) short from their planned target in rough seas. The Time Bandit set their prank on Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie by replacing one of the Cornelia Marie’s pots with the junk truck. When the crew of the Cornelia ...

Air Date: Apr 15, 2008

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Episode 3 - A Numbers Game

The family fishing grounds produced results for the Time Bandit as they pulled an average of 60 keepers per pot for 12 hours. After 19 days of fishing, the Time Bandit was the first vessel to head to Dutch Harbor to offload. On the way back, greenhorn Scott Hillstrand contemplated his future as a fisherman. ...

Air Date: Apr 22, 2008

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Episode 4 - Unsafe and Unsound

The crew of the Wizard worked a 9-nautical-mile (17 km), 55 pot string that Captain Keith Colburn called a “man killer”. When greenhorn Jason Moilanen was not on deck for the start of the string, Captain Keith gave him some advice on how to cope with the long shifts. After three weeks of bad fishing ...

Air Date: Apr 29, 2008

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Episode 5 - No Mercy

On board the Wizard, the “man killer” strings continued to produce good numbers with an average of 90 crabs per pot. Captain Keith Colburn decided to push ahead and told his brother, Monte Colburn, to skip his turn at the wheel and go on the deck as soon as he woke up. This caused tension ...

Air Date: May 6, 2008

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Episode 6 - Racing The Clock

After offloading 180,000 pounds (82,000 kg) of crab worth $756,000, the Northwestern raced back to the fishing grounds in order to catch the remaining 19,000 pounds (8,600 kg) of their quota in the nine days before their quoted price drops. Although they averaged 60 crab per pot, Captain Sig Hansen, concerned about the volume of ...

Air Date: May 13, 2008

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Episode 7 - Seeking the Catch

Heavy seas, lack of proper equipment (no forward-facing sodium lights or crab sorting table), and the crew’s inexperience from being away from king crab fishing for three years, made for difficult fishing on board the North American while it tried to catch 22,000 pounds (10,000 kg) of crab to fill their tanks. Under pressure to ...

Air Date: May 20, 2008

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Episode 8 - No Season for Old Men

After a quick offload, the Time Bandit headed back out to sea with Captain Johnathan Hillstrand’s son, Scott, back on board after Andy Hillstrand had to return home to attend to personal business. Poor numbers narrowed the contenders for the final week of the Captain’s wager made at the beginning of the season to just ...

Air Date: May 27, 2008

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Episode 9 - Storm Season

The 2008 opilio crab season started with the Cornelia Marie returning after a main engine overhaul during the off season, the entire crew of the Northwestern suffering from the flu except for greenhorn Jake Anderson, and the usual change of captains on the Time Bandit from Johnathan Hillstrand to younger brother Andy Hillstrand. Johnathan’s son ...

Air Date: Jun 3, 2008

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Episode 10 - Blow Up

The crew of the Coast Guard helicopter, en route to Cold Bay with a patient rescued from the fish processing vessel Island Enterprise, were unable to contact their command center. With the threat of ice and a quickly diminishing fuel supply, the pilots decided to change course and return to St. Paul. After a two-hour ...

Air Date: Jun 10, 2008

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Episode 11 - Big Weather, Big Trouble

An emergency weather warning about an approaching hurricane was broadcast to the fleet. At Dutch Harbor, Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie opted for the cheaper and easier band-aid repair to one of his engines in order to make it through the rest of the season and then headed back out to the fishing ...

Air Date: Jun 17, 2008

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Episode 12 - Mortal Men

Three arctic storms converged on the fishing grounds, causing severe damage to many of the boats. The crews raced to repair their boats as another severe storm approached. On the Cornelia Marie, Captain Phil Harris injured his ribs after being thrown from his bunk during the storm. After bandaging his ribs, Captain Phil went to ...

Air Date: Jun 24, 2008

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Episode 13 - Fresh Blood

After one last cigarette, Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie checked himself into the emergency room at Providence Alaska Medical Center at 3:00 am. The Northwestern’s crew attempted to retrieve the ship’s anchor after it snapped off in a storm the night before. Using a jury rigged drag hook, the crew attempted to secure ...

Air Date: Jul 1, 2008

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Episode 14 - Changing Tides

The Northwestern offloaded 184,000 pounds (83,000 kg) of crab at St. Paul Island, but the growing ice in the harbor made leaving the dock difficult. Captain Sig Hansen wanted to reach his northern-most pots before the rapidly approaching ice pack covered them up. At Dutch Harbor, the Wizard completed their offload of 407,000 pounds (185,000 ...

Air Date: Jul 8, 2008

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Episode 15 - Catch as Catch Can

On board the Wizard, the crew pulled up full pots after letting them soak at new fishing grounds for 27 hours. After 36 hours of work, the crew of the Northwestern finished rescuing their pots ahead of the approaching ice pack. After relocating the pots to safer grounds, Captain Sig Hansen was again on the ...

Air Date: Jul 15, 2008

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Episode 16 - The Final Hour

With 145,000 pounds (66,000 kg) crab left to catch, Relief Captain Murray Gamrath of the Cornelia Marie received a call about the boat’s offload date. With an earlier than expected offload date and cold weather nearly shutting down fishing, the crew hurries to pick up their last pots of the season. In between a 4 ...

Air Date: Jul 22, 2008

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