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Season 3

Episode 1 - A Tragic Beginning

The boats prepare for the start of the king crab season. On board the Cornelia Marie, last season’s greenhorn, Jake Harris, got a promotion to deckhand; the vessel’s new greenhorn is Joshua Harris, Jake’s older brother and Phil’s eldest son. The new hand on board the Northwestern is Stan Hansen, cousin to the Hansen brothers; ...

Air Date: Apr 3, 2007

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Episode 2 - The Unforgiving Sea

The bodies of two crewmembers, without survival suits, were recovered, while the fourth crewmember was lost to the sea. The survivor, Kevin Ferrell, tells his story to the Coast Guard. The fleet reacted to the loss of the Ocean Challenger. The Northwestern set its second load of 150 pots while dealing with a broken ...

Air Date: Apr 10, 2007

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Episode 3 - Pain and Paybacks

The Northwestern had bad luck with its second string of 150 pots and decided to fish closer to its first set of pots where they had better luck. Northwestern deckhand Matt Bradley finally confessed to Captain Sig Hansen that he was due to be in court before the official end of the season for an ...

Air Date: Apr 17, 2007

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Episode 4 - Cheating Death

The fishing aboard the Northwestern was excellent and the crew filled their tanks to the brim, though the repetitive nature of fishing 300 pots became exhausting for the crew; on their way to another string of pots, Captain Sig Hansen and his crew discussed whether or not to take a break, with the decision by ...

Air Date: Apr 24, 2007

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Episode 5 - Bering Sea Salvation

Good fortune smiled upon the Time Bandit after the rescue of the man overboard as they pulled up very full pots in a once-in-a-lifetime season. The Northwestern continued to have good luck after offloading nearly $800,000 in crab, though deckhand Matt Bradley was continuing to struggle with the uncertainty about making his upcoming court date. ...

Air Date: May 1, 2007

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Episode 6 - The Last Lap

The boats rushed to pull up their last pots in order to meet their delivery deadlines at the processing plants. The Farwest Leader had one of their best seasons ever, and Raghnild Moncrief celebrated getting over her fear of the big king crabs by holding up one of the biggest crabs for the cameras during ...

Air Date: May 8, 2007

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Episode 7 - New Beginnings

The fire forced the Cornelia Marie and the Time Bandit to change their plans as they were contracted to deliver to the Stellar Sea. Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie decided to dock at St. Paul to wait until the stricken Stellar Sea was repaired, while Captain Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit ...

Air Date: May 15, 2007

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Episode 8 - Caught in the Storm

The fleet dealt with a storm. The Time Bandit continued to fish for bairdi with poor results. The Farwest Leader loaded aboard 30 more pots at St. George, departed before the storm hit, and went fishing for bairdi crab. Aboard the Northwestern, the crew thought their luck had changed when they pulled up full pots, ...

Air Date: May 22, 2007

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Episode 9 - Crossing the Line

The Northwestern pulled up full pots as the crew tried to make up for lost time. Although the Northwestern greenhorn, Jake, was becoming more accepted by the crew due to his eagerness to learn and his rapidly advancing skills, he learned the hard way that playing pranks on the deck boss is never a good ...

Air Date: May 29, 2007

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Episode 10 - Trials of the Greenhorns

In rough seas and cold weather that causes ice to build up, greenhorn Guy on the Wizard hit his breaking point and walked off the deck, leaving the rest of the crew to pick up his duties. Guy complained about a lack of respect from the crew and that there was “no call” for taunts ...

Air Date: Jun 5, 2007

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Episode 11 - Ice and Open Water

After heading north to scout for the January pack ice-and having Edgar leave snow angels and the Northwestern logo on one of the larger floes of pack ice they encountered-Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern hurried southward to pull his pots before the pack ice reached them. The disgruntled greenhorn Guy on the Wizard realized ...

Air Date: Jun 12, 2007

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Episode 12 - A Frozen Finish

The Time Bandit carefully made its way through the pack ice to the processing boat Independence at St. Paul Island. As the boat tried to leave St. Paul, it ran into too much ice and was forced to return to St. Paul and spend a tense night near the beach where the Alaskan Monarch ran ...

Air Date: Jun 19, 2007

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