Deadliest Catch Season 10 Episode 15

Sabotage - All Season 10 episodes

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Original air date: July 29, 2014

The Time Bandit is in dry dock during Opilio season for the third time in as many years for a replacement propeller after the vessel broke its propeller shaft. Captain Andy has run out of time owing to commitments back onshore, and calls on brother Jonathan to finish Opilio season for him once the boat is repaired. After the Northwestern finishes its first trip with Mandy Hansen as greenhorn, Sig drives her to the airport for her flight home to Seattle, but he fails to convince her that there are easier ways to make a living than crab fishing. Meanwhile on the Cape Caution, Captain “Wild” Bill is on the verge of finishing his season, but at the eleventh hour is given more quota by the boat’s owners. He makes the decision to extend the trip to increase the potential haul, but the greenhorn decides to deliberately waste the boat’s scant supply of bait in an attempt cut the season short, but Bill quickly realizes what is going on and confronts him over the issue. On the Wizard, Captain Keith is still pulling large numbers in the far north of the fishing grounds, but his run of good luck is finally broken when a pot snares on the vessel’s propeller, badly damaging it – but thankfully it remains serviceable. The Cornelia Marie is also getting close to finishing the season, but Captain Casey has to confront his crew over insubordination. After a pep talk from Casey and with Josh Harris returning to the deck to boost morale, the vessel finishes its first Opilio season with Josh as owner, meeting its first quota handsomely. Whilst the crew are doing their unload, another fisherman presents Josh with a stray pot buoy that has washed up on shore – it turns out that it is from the same crab pot that the crew of the Wizard deliberately sunk three years ago in memorial to his late father Phil. Captain Keith reckons that it is a message from Phil to Josh to keep pressing on with his ambition to eventually captain the Corneila Marie.

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