Deadliest Catch Season 10 Episode 12

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Original air date: July 8, 2014

The crew of the Cornelia Marie follow an old tradition by getting Mohawk haircuts for good luck. And soon after, things get better. The boom that was accidentally broken by Fisher receives expensive repairs on the Saga. Elliott brings his new girlfriend on board. His crew expresses their opinions about that. His girlfriend has to call a doctor on board to treat Elliott, who diagnoses him with a kidney infection. The Cape Caution’s Captain Bill is not happy with his son Zach’s lack of enthusiasm. He threatens to punch him, and tells him their conversation was captain to crewman, not father to son.

On the Northwestern, Sig’s daughter Mandy has to be awakened to get to work. The other crew members offer commentary about that. She begins to experience life as a greenhorn. Sig’s fatherly protectiveness kicks in. And he goes on deck to show her how it’s done. Soon, an arctic squall impedes operations. Sig even lets Mandy haul pots during the inclement weather, arousing resentment from the crew.

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