Deadliest Catch Season 10 Episode 9

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Original air date: June 17, 2014

The introduction previews Captain Keith’s gamble on the icy northern edge of the fishing grounds near the Russian border, with Russian transmissions on the marine sideband radio.

Picking up where the previous episode left off, Cornelia Marie pulls its first Opilio pots since 2011, and the entire prospect string for Captains Josh and Casey comes up blanks, a first for any Josh-set string. Josh gives the crew a pep talk before they head off for hopefully better fishing.

On the Cape Caution, they pull their first pots and the numbers are good, and Captain Wild Bill is counting on Zack and Nick to keep the new greenhorn working.

Captain Keith braves the northern edge of the fishing grounds with the Wizard, and a storm has prevented the crew from performing normal ice control measures. 12 hours from his desired grounds, the helm’s sluggish response prompts Keith to get the crew out to knock out 50,000-80,000 pounds of 4-foot-thick ice and drop pots early to reduce the weight on deck, with Keith vowing “this will never happen again on my watch”.

Back on the Cape Caution, Bill sets back pots on good numbers until a pot being pulled up hits off the side of the boat and smacks the new greenhorn square on the nose, breaking it. EMT Zack controls the bleeding, but the injury requires stitches, and Bill is uncomfortable stitching somebody’s face. Bill suggests steri-stripping with gauze over the top and Zack applies the strips to immobilize the nose.

On the Northwestern, Captain Sig hits a hot string in bad seas, and the crew takes a chow break between strings. Matt informs Sig that the electrical breaker panel is “hot, hot” to the touch. Sig calls Edgar in to find the problem. With all the new electronics and hydraulics added in recent years, boat electrical systems like Northwestern’s are past their design limits. Once again, Jake will have to use the manual ship’s wheel to steer while Edgar works on the panel. Edgar trims the crusty part of a panel wire to reveal good wire, reattaches it to the panel, and successfully powers up the wheelhouse. Their next string is continuing good numbers when Sig gets a call from his wife, informing him she actually has given their daughter Mandy her permission to go crab fishing. Sig never expected his wife would ever do that. “Me and my big mouth, huh?”

Back on the Wizard, they pull pots, and Keith’s gamble pays off big time as pot after pot fills up the tank with keepers. “That was the longest five days of my fishing career. Bar None!”

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