Deadliest Catch Season 9 Episode 1

Mutiny on the Bering Sea - All Season 9 episodes

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Original air date: April 16, 2013

At the start of the new season two new boats join the fleet. Elliott Neese has taken out a gigantic loan to buy his own boat, the Saga. But he is late arriving and the main fleet has already left. “Wild” Bill Wichrowski is now on the Cape Caution. The weather of season 8 left many boats stranded at the docks for major repairs. The Hillstrand brothers have spent over $1 million replacing the engines and hull on their boat. They are keen to get out and make some money to repay the loan. Keith Colburn has also invested heavily in refurbishing the Wizard. Meanwhile, Sig and Edgar Hansen have a vicious argument in the wheelhouse of the Northwestern over the latter’s preparations for blue crab season, which in Sig’s eyes were inadequate, whilst it is revealed that Jake Harris is still fighting his drug addiction and won’t be participating in the new season. His older brother Josh is still working for the Hillstrands on the Time Bandit – but is still pondering his ultimate goal of regaining control of his late father Phil Harris’s vessel the Cornelia Marie.

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