Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 10

Rise and Fall - All Season 8 episodes

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Original air date: June 12, 2012

With the ice pack continuing to descend south and his pot counts decreasing, Captain Keith Colburn makes the seemingly antithetical decision to stack the deck of the Wizard and head north towards the ice to less crowded grounds. However, junior deckhand Lynn Guitard’s repeated failures (first at throwing the hook, then at properly tying down the stack) slow the boat’s progress and get under Captain Keith’s skin; with greenhorn Roger Schlosstein impressing the crew with his effort and earning a 0.5% raise, it appears Lynn’s days on the Wizard may be numbered. Meanwhile, Captain Sig Hansen keeps the Northwestern on crowded grounds and is rewarded when full pots come over the rail. Deck boss Edgar Hansen, dealing with a significant amount of pain, finally asks an elated Captain Sig to drive the boat during hauling; deckhand Jake Anderson will get to run the deck when Edgar is in the wheelhouse. The Time Bandit is also on the crab, keeping morale high in the face of having to coil all the pots by hand. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand decides to join the crew on deck to help with the coiling, but his time there is short-lived when he aggravates an old back injury. On the Ramblin’ Rose, it’s the same old story for distracted Captain Elliott Neese as the first string comes up near empty. On the Kodiak, it’s worse, as Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski is forced to shut down sparse fishing after two of his crew nearly come to blows, and he forces them to sign a hastily written document threatening them with immediate termination for any future unprofessional behavior.

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