Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 7

I Don't Wanna Die - All Season 8 episodes

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Original air date: May 22, 2012

Wizard greenhorn Chris Scambler is in serious trouble as Captain Keith Colburn and the rest of the crew await the USCG 6010 helicopter. When the rescue swimmer is dropped on deck and goes below to access Chris’s condition he decides that Chris must be air-lifted and taken to Cold Bay for treatment. After the lift the crew and Captain Keith are in a state of shock and questioning their treatment of Chris. They go back to work and dedicate the first string to Chris. An Arctic hurricane is threatening to shut down fishing. It is the worst storm since 1977, and on the Blue crab grounds most of the fleet is anchored behind St. Matthew’s Island but the Ramblin’ Rose continues to fish. The weather and the fishing are both terrible and the crew is feeling the brunt of the storm. Finally a call comes in from the boat’s owner and Captain Elliott Neese is ordered to join the rest of the fleet behind St. Matthew’s Island. The crew is relieved but Captain Elliott is livid. On the Red crab grounds the Northwestern is trying to top off its tanks before the storm hits. As the last pot comes in sight Deckboss Edgar Hansen asks Jake Harris to throw the ‘flaming hook’. After the final Red King crab pot is pulled Jake Harris is invited back aboard the Northwestern for the Opilio season. On the Blue crab grounds the Seabrooke is the last boat still fishing in the storm. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. is on the crab but is still fishing with only one of his two main engines. When Captain Scott decides to seek shelter behind St. Matthews he has to travel through the deadly Shelikof Strait. The weather is so bad that he has to rely on his instruments to steer when his depth gauge fails.

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