Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 6

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Original air date: May 15, 2012

The Northwestern is on the Red crab grounds when deckboss Edgar Hansen receives a call from home. His wife has just returned from Norway, where her mother has died. The Northwestern only needs 30,000 pounds to fill the boat but the fishing is terrible. After being at sea only four days, Wizard greenhorn Chris Scambler is struggling as Captain Keith Colburn shuts down fishing due to the bad weather. The Seabrooke is in St. Paul for their second off-load of blue crab and it’s enough to win the bet with Captain Elliott Neese. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. calls his father to see if he has been able to source any parts to fix the Seabrooke’s crippled engine but none are available. The weather is worsening as Captain Scott decides to leave St. Paul before they shut the harbour down. It’s a treacherous exit with the current pushing the Seabrooke toward the rocky shore. Ramblin’ Rose Captain Elliott Neese receives a call from the ship’s owners telling him if he doesn’t start producing they will send another ship up to take his place. Because the fishing is so bad, Captain Elliott pushes his crew even harder to produce. The Wizard is fighting 25-foot seas and Captain Keith Colburn orders his greenhorns, Chris Scambler and Brady Quinn, to take shelter on deck for their own safety. After a pot breaks loose from the crane and crashes to the deck, Captain Keith orders everyone off deck. There are hurricane warnings on the Blue crab grounds as the Seabrook struggles to pull pots with one engine. When the weather improves on the Red crab grounds the Wizard starts fishing again but greenhorn, Chris Scambler, is suffering from severe pain in his right shoulder and arm. First Mate Gary Soper leads Chris off deck and Captain Keith goes down to find he’s collapsed and showing signs of shock. With his health deteriorating, Captain Keith decides to call the Coast Guard. Luckily, they are only about 15 minutes away. As the crew stays with Chris and tries to get him to drink some fluids, his condition worsens.

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