Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 5

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Original air date: May 8, 2012

Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard is at the airport to meet his new greenhorn, Chris Scambler, and is immediately concerned because Chris has never been on a boat before or even been away from home. The biggest storm of the season is battering the Ramblin’ Rose as it continues to haul near empty pots on the Blue crab grounds. Captain Elliott Neese notices the starboard engine isn’t going into gear and heads to the engine room. The problem is a snapped shifting cable that he is able to replace, but the morale of the crew is at an all-time low. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit has promised his granddaughter that he’ll quit smoking on her birthday and at midnight he and deckhand Josh Harris both quit smoking. On the Blue crab grounds, the Seabrooke is in the middle of the storm with a full load of pots on the deck. The crew spends the next three hours setting 35 pots to lighten the load. The Northwestern has been on good fishing for three weeks but the numbers are falling. The deckboss, Edgar Hansen, notices the signs of a rat on board, catches it and drops it into a barrel. They decide to set it free the next time they dock. Captain Sig comments that Norway rats are good luck on a boat. The pots start coming up full again. In Dutch Harbour, the Wizards newest greenhorn, Chris Scambler, prepares for his first trip. Brady Quinn is the other Wizard greenhorn. On the Time Bandit it’s been eight hours since Captain Johnathan Hillstrand has had a cigarette and the pressure is on. He has 24 hours before his scheduled off-load and he needs some luck to fill his tanks. Deckhand Josh Harris caves in and has a cigarette after some ribbing from the rest of the crew. As the Wizard arrives on the Red crab grounds, finding bad weather, greenhorn Chris Scambler questions his decision to take this job. On the Seabrooke the weather is bad but the fishing is good when an alarm sounds from the engine room. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. goes to investigate and discovers that the Seabrooke has blown one of her two main engines. Wizard Captain Keith Colburn phones his brother Monte to ask about greenhorn Chris Scambler and voices his concerns. Chris is struggling as the veteran crew tries to teach him what he needs to know to work on the deck of a crab boat. Chris goes to the wheelhouse and confesses to Captain Keith that he is terrified and not sure if he can continue. Captain Keith gives him no option but to return to work and Chris heads back out on deck of the Wizard.

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