Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 4

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Original air date: May 1 , 2012

The fishing is going well on the Red crab grounds, while on the Blue crab grounds it is a different story. “The Seabrooke” is hauling gear in very rough weather. Captain Scott Campbell Jr. is getting respectable numbers but the weather and rough seas are hard on his crew.”The Ramblin’ Rose” is dealing with the same storm. On the “Wizard”, Captain Keith Colburn checks on his injured deckhand, Danny Maki, and convinces him to go back to work. The “Wizard” has had problems finding Blue crab and Captain Keith makes the decision to abandon the Blue crab grounds and switch to Red crab. On the “Kodiac”, Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski is pulling stuffed pots and decides it is a good time to put his son Zack on the hook. Zack does well at first, but halfway through the string things start to fall apart for him. Captain Wild Bill goes down to the deck to give Zack the benefit of his experience with a few pointers, but leaves frustrated after an offhand remark from Zack. On the “Northwestern”, Jake Harris is getting a lesson on throwing the hook ‘Norwegian style’. After four tries he finally manages to snag the pot. Lesson over, Captain Sig puts Edgar back on the hook. The “Seabrooke” is pulling into St. Paul for the first offload of Blue crab of the season. As they are leaving they meet the “Ramblin’ Rose” on the way in to offload. The “Wizard” is back in Dutch Harbour switching out their Blue crab pots for the Red when Keith fires greenhorn Danny Maki. On the “Northwestern” Captain Sig Hansen receives a call from Josh Harris aboard the “Time Bandit”, calling to wish his brother Jake a Happy Birthday.

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