Deadliest Catch Season 8 Episode 3

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Original air date: April 24, 2012

On the Blue crab grounds, Captain Scott Campbell Jr is still in the midst of a turf war with Elliott Neese of the Ramblin’ Rose. He is pulling small pots and the crew is being careless at the sorting table. The main culprit is Captain Scott’s brother, Chris ‘Whip’ Welch. As a storm moves into the Blue crab grounds, the Ramblin’ Rose pulls the last of its string of pots set on Captain Scott’s string. Frustrated with poor fishing, bad weather and the attitude of his crew, Captain Elliott heads out onto the deck to confront his crew about their attitude and the state of disarray on the deck. The Wizard is caught in the same storm as the other two boats on the Blue crab grounds. Wizard greenhorn Danny Maki is struggling to keep up with the other deckhands and when he injures his leg, the hardened crew shows him no mercy. On the Red crab grounds, the Time Bandit has landed on the crab and Captain Johnathan Hillstrand has decided it is the right time to spread deckhand Justin Tennisons’ ashes. The crew gathers on deck to pay their respects and spread his ashes into the Bering Sea along with a Jolly Roger flag. Gunfire and shouts ring out as they bid him a last farewell. On board the Kodiak, Captain “Wild” Bill Wichrowski is frustrated with the empty pots and his new crew member, Jason Rainwater. He’s having a hard time fitting in and doesn’t take direction well. Captain Bill notices that Rainwater isn’t measuring the crab and reminds him that the crew pays the fine for having small crab in the tanks and the other crew members turn on him as well. Rainwater is put on the rail, hauling pots that start coming up full changing the climate on deck and in the wheelhouse. Captain Scott is still struggling with poor numbers and poor attitude on deck. Chris ‘Whip’ Welch gets his arm caught under the block and spends 12 hours with ice on it. After a pep talk from Captain Scott, Whip returns to the deck. The Ramblin’ Rose is re-setting gear with an exhausted crew in very poor weather. Their negative comments are heard in the wheelhouse, further frustrating Captain Elliott. Deckboss Kevin ‘Kado’ Davis heads to the wheelhouse to try to defuse the situation and Captain Elliott feels pressured to give the crew three hours of sleep.

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