Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 7

Thick as Thieves - All Season 7 episodes

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Original air date: May 24, 2011

While steaming to Dutch Harbor, Captain Derrick Ray of the Cornelia Marie, still suspecting that some of the crew are using marijuana, goes on a hunt to find the drugs and finds drug paraphernalia in the engine room. Captain Derrick calls the Unalaska Police Department about his suspicions and asks them to be at the dock when the boat arrives at Dutch Harbor. When Captain Derrick confronts the crew about what he finds, the crew deny that it is theirs. On board the Northwestern, the crab count picks up after Edgar Hansen apologizes to Jake Anderson, easing the tension between them that started after Jake’s town soak string pulled up low numbers. The deck of the Kodiak is back to a five-man crew after deckhand Jake Jolibois says he is recovered enough to help on deck and Deck Boss Adam McCalden apologizes to Captain Wichrowski for his treatment of the rest of the crew. However, the five-man deck does not last for long as the short handed work has taken a toll on long time deckhand Eric Anderson’s foot and he is ordered off deck. On the Ramblin’ Rose, Captain Elliot Neese’s pushing of the crew makes crew morale drop. When Deck Boss Kevin “Kado” Davis is injured and weather not improving, Captain Elliot reconsiders his push and shuts down the deck. Back in Dutch Harbor, as soon as the Cornelia Marie pulls up to the dock, Jake Harris jumps off the boat to avoid the police. However, the police catch up to him at Unalaska Airport. When questioned, he denies taking drugs, but refuses to take a drug test. After a search of his person, the police let him go as they have no evidence of drug use. Jake boards a plane and takes off.

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