Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 4

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Original air date: May 3, 2011

The Seabrooke takes on an enthusiastic new greenhorn before heading off to go blue crab fishing. After two hours of fishing, the greenhorn enters the wheelhouse complaining that he has reached his mental breaking point after being hazed by the rest of the crew. On board the still struggling Cornelia Marie, tensions run high as both captain and crew begin to doubt each other. Josh and Jake Harris confront Captain Derrick Ray about the low numbers and how Derrick is running the boat. After getting a report on incoming weather and fearing dead loss, the Cornelia Marie anchors behind St. Matthew Island to wait on the storm. On board the Kodiak, a broken hydraulic system in the deck crane forces the crew to push pots on deck. Deckhand Jake Jolibois injures his back after slipping on the deck. Jake refuses to come off deck until Captain Bill Wichrowski orders him off deck. The Ramblin’ Rose offloads at St. Paul harbor where Captain Elliot Neese expects to offload around 35,000 pounds (16,000 kg) of blue crab, but when the offload is complete, the boat has only delivered 13,000 pounds (5,900 kg). As the Ramblin’ Rose heads out for their third trip of the season, Captain Elliot receives email from the boat’s owner that they must catch 65,000 pounds (29,000 kg) of crab this trip or be forces to go out on a fourth trip. On the Northwestern, Sig Hansen lets Jake Anderson pick the location of a 52-pot town soak.

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