Deadliest Catch Season 7 Episode 3

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Original air date: April 26, 2011

The struggles aboard the Cornelia Marie continue with poor numbers of crabs. Josh Harris asks Captain Derrick Ray for assurance that they will find the crab. Egged on by the crew, Jake Harris asks for and receives time at the helm. Then next day, when he asks for a second time at the helm, Captain Derrick Ray tells him no when he believes that he smells marijuana on Jake. Two weeks into the season with low numbers, Captain Keith of the Wizard pulls out all of the superstitions to catch crab in an area called Black Canyon, but the good luck doesn’t come and the boat continues to pull in low numbers. Greenhorn Paul Edgren gets caught up in the line of a pot, but the crew saves him from going overboard. Seeing no sign of changing numbers, Captain Keith decides to move to where his partner boat has good fishing. The numbers caught by the Seabrooke drop off, causing Deck Boss Bob Perkey to grip about Captain Scott “JR” Campbell. Junior decides that Bob has to go once they reach port to offload their red crab quota. Bob’s son, greenhorn Kyle Babb also voluntarily leaves the boat. Hoping to break their own bad luck, the crew of the Time Bandit fires an AK-47 and AR-15 at a buoy named after former deckhand John Jorgensen who left the boat after the previous season, but their prospect string produces low numbers and the crew move on to a different fishing spot.

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