Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 16

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Original air date: July 27, 2010

The boats make their final pushes of the painful 2010 opilio crab season. The Time Bandit replaces its torn-up U.S. flag. Their plan is to set gear one more time, pick up Captain Johnathan, then go pick their gear up. The Northwestern crew is finally beginning to break. The Cornelia Marie picks up Josh Harris, who is determined to finish the year, as Captain Phil would’ve wanted. On the Wizard, Captain Keith is concerned with plugging his tanks one more time to meet his quota. Wild Bill on the Kodiak is rushing through his gear, hoping to get one more set of strings pulled before the ice pack swallows them. He is gambling on only using the smaller orange diver pots on his final set of strings, to minimize the risk of the ice moving them.

Once Captain Johnathan returns to the Time Bandit, he and Captain Andy deliberate on how big Mike’s ego grew when he got a taste of the captain’s chair. One night on the Northwestern, Captain Sig is unable to sleep, with Captain Phil on his mind. Edgar is long since over this season, and continues to train Jake Anderson on more aspects of the deck. They get good enough numbers to pack the pots away. Sig finally realizes that he’ll need to eventually find a replacement for Edgar. Back on the Time Bandit, Mike and Scotty continue their feud. Andy fuels it by putting Scotty back on the rail. He snags the first buoy, but Mike drops it. Their first pot doesn’t look promising, and it also falls out of the dogs. Later pots have better numbers, giving hope that this set of strings will be their last of the season. Captain Johnathan joins the deck crew to help sorting, and they clean house with a final total of $1.2 million.

The Northwestern is officially on its final pots, finishing with a total of $990,000. To honor Captain Phil, they throw several flaming hooks for the final pot, which is totally stuffed with crab. As for the Kodiak, they have to cruise through the ice pack for the final set of 30 pots. He moves quickly through the gear hoping for good numbers. He gets the numbers he’s looking for, and finally secures a good season. The gamble paid off, with a final opilio tally of $1.6 million. On the Wizard, they are back in the crab as well, ending up with crab oozing back on the deck. Captain Keith gives Lynn Guitard the final hook throw, rewarding him for cleaning up his act. He ends up shanking a long throw, but nails a retry without needing to turn around. The crew finishes with earnings of $1.8 million on a record haul.

Back on the Northwestern on its final steam to Dutch Harbor, Edgar notifies Sig that he needs a break so he can take care of his family. He makes it clear he’s putting his wife and children ahead of the boat from now on. Sig still doesn’t believe Edgar will give the boat up. As for Jake Anderson, he’ll fly ahead to finally address his missing father. On the Time Bandit, Captain Andy tells Mike Fourtner to be mindful of his ego next season as he is given more time in the captain’s chair. Jake Harris heads to an addiction clinic in Palm Springs, California.

Ten weeks later, in April 2010, the Cornelia Marie, with Josh Harris heading a four-man deck and Captain Derrick in the wheelhouse, finally finishes its opilio season. Josh is determined to remain in the fishery for the foreseeable future. The last shots show Josh Harris in the wheelhouse.

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