Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 14

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Original air date: July 13, 2010

The show begins with Captain Johnathan calling Captain Andy with positive news on Captain Phil’s progress. Andy passes it throughout the fleet to their excitement.

After Jake and Josh Harris’s confrontation in the previous episode, Josh goes to Captain Johnathan for advice. Johnathan tells Josh just to be there for Phil and deal with his business himself; he may feel that Jake is also his responsibility, but it really isn’t. Back on the Time Bandit, Mike Fourtner’s jitters with the hook continue, and Scotty Hillstrand is eager to prove himself in Mike’s place. On the Northwestern, bad numbers continue to lengthen their grind, which only makes the crew miserable and long for home. In Anchorage, the neurologist tells Josh to begin making preparations to move Phil to a rehab facility in Seattle, though the actual move is still some time away as they wait for the rest of his swelling to go down. Bad numbers are plaguing the Kodiak, and deckhand Clint continues to be seen as a thorn in the crew’s side. Wild Bill, tired of the crew as a whole, makes a call ahead to hire a new deckhand. The Time Bandit goes to a new prospect string, where Scotty proves no better at the hook than Mike. Captain Andy’s gamble on a deeper string is an utter bust. Andy and Neal determine that making the crew hate the Captain is better than allowing the crew to turn on each other.

In Anchorage, Jake Harris broods over his demons, and calls a substance abuse clinic in Seattle to admit himself into rehab. He goes to Phil to tell him. Phil is proud of his son for finally getting the help he needs. Captain Johnathan and Josh take him to the airport to fly home to Seattle.

A storm brews in the Bering Sea, and the Northwestern hopes to finally catch some luck. Ready for a break, Edgar begins to train Jake Anderson on the hydros. After a good amount of luck, he finally slips a pot out of the dogs, and it slides into the crab table without toppling. In Dutch, the Kodiak offloads another 210,000 pounds of crab, and picks up a new deckhand, Randy. But he talks to the crew before Wild Bill actually fired somebody to make room. After finishing the offload, Wild Bill fires Clint to make room for Randy.

In Anchorage, Phil tells Josh he regrets not being there as much as he wanted to, but Josh shows no regrets for his upbringing as he says that Phil taught him everything that he needed to know to be a man. During their exchange, Josh breaks down and has to step out, not wanting his dad to see him cry. On another day, Phil asks Josh to go get his good-luck bracelet from his hotel room when he returns in the evening. As a furious arctic storm pounds the fishing grounds, Phil deteriorates rapidly, and Josh is summoned to the hospital. Despite doctors’ best efforts, Phil succumbs to complications of his stroke.

Captain Phil Harris
December 19, 1956 – February 9, 2010

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