Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 12

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Original air date: June 29, 2010

All quiet on the Cornelia Marie as the crew heads to the clinic 2 hours after Captain Phil’s stroke. He’s going to be medevaced to Anchorage with Jake, as Josh begins planning for the boat finishing its season without him. Josh later gets an update from Jake, who tells him that Phil will have a portion of skull removed to relieve the pressure. While seeking advice, Josh talks with Deckhand Freddy Maughtai, who urges Josh to fly down to Anchorage and be with Phil and Jake. Josh, however, feels that his father would want him to take care of the Cornelia Marie, his legacy, in his absence and that he owes his old man to do so. Freddy tells him that if Phil dies and he isn’t there, he will regret it for the rest of this life. “Season every year… crab every year… Dad, no. There’s only one Dad, bro. The crab is always catch. We always make money, every year. But we cannot catch a Dad every year.” Freddy reveals how his own father died in the hospital in Australia while he was out during an opilio season with Phil; his aunt called to inform him, and he went home not seeing his father but a dead body. He leaves Josh with his thoughts, making his decisions much harder.

The Time Bandit begins pulling a new string as Captain Andy starts training Mike Fourtner as a relief captain. His first string of five pots doesn’t bring up good numbers. On the Northwestern, Jake Anderson is torn between wanting to go search for his missing father, and his family desiring him to remain on his boat. The crew suffers a near-miss when a pot snaps free of the crane, and Jake is able to save the pot, but Sig admonishes him to let it go next time in case a hook is swinging free. Sig doesn’t mind having to buy another pot in such a situation; his crew’s safety is worth more than any pot. On the Kodiak, the crew finally sees good numbers as they approach their first opilio delivery date. But the crew is being dragged down by deckhand Clint, and Wild Bill has to put him in his place. Despite early counting issues, they hit their first delivery with crab to spare, and Wild Bill gives his crew some shore leave, only requesting that they don’t have any hard liquor. He’s worried Clint won’t make the midnight curfew, but the entire crew misses it, and it’s Jake that has the issues in the morning, not Clint.

The first evening after Phil’s stroke, Josh begins notifying the crews, telling Captain Andy first. Andy relays it to Johnathan, in case he’s passing through Anchorage on the way stateside. When Sig finds out from Andy, he throws his cigarettes away across the wheelhouse in a fit of anger. Andy and Sig inform their crews; Jake Anderson takes it particularly hard, knowing what the Harris boys are going through possibly losing their father. Sig passes it on to Captain Keith, who breaks down upon hearing the news. Josh finally decides to fly to Anchorage, where Captain Johnathan, who went to the hospital after being informed by Andy, picks him at the airport and takes him there to join Jake.

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