Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 11

Blown Off Course - All Season 6 episodes

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Original air date: June 22, 2010

After Jake Harris revealed his addiction to Captain Phil on the Cornelia Marie, he swore he would go to rehab when the season was over. Phil told Jake that he had to get help in order to save himself, and swore his support. On the Time Bandit Captains Johnathan and Andy contemplate their future. Johnathan in particular is starting to ponder retirement, and has decided to take three weeks off. Believing Johnathan’s son, Scott, will eventually captain the boat, they agree he is not yet ready. They decide instead to train Mike Fourtner as a relief captain, due to his greater knowledge and experience. On the Wizard, bad fishing causes Captain Keith to resume using chewing tobacco, which he promised his children he would give up. It is right then that Keith’s 11-year-old daughter calls and he admits to her that she caught him red-handed. Keith gets a gentle chastising and pep-talk from his daughter while the camera zooms in on several reminders she had made for him around the wheelhouse, renewing his resolve to quit. He remarks after hanging up that she is 11 going on 21. On the Northwestern, the fate of Jake Anderson’s father still weighs on his mind. Eventually, Captain Sig tells him to call his mother, who relates the news she earlier told Sig that his father’s truck was found, but he is nowhere to be seen. On the Cornelia Marie, Captain Phil ponders Jake Harris’ addiction on the steam to Saint Paul, seeing a lot of his own formative years in his younger son. He determines that Jake must put aside hard living for hard work to do what Phil knows he is capable of; one day taking over the business. Later, at Saint Paul as they offload, Phil shares some old family photos with Josh and Jake, putting the earlier confrontation with Jake aside for the moment and remembering happier times when the boys were young children. Phil then retires to his stateroom before the offload is complete. When offload is complete, engineer Steve Ward is unable to reach Phil on the shipboard phone, so he goes up to the wheelhouse to get Phil’s signature. Finding it empty, Steve checks down in Phil’s stateroom and finds him collapsed on the floor. Phil has suffered a massive stroke, unable to move the left side of his body but still conscious. Jake breaks down as paramedics work on him, then move him off the boat by crane before loading him into an ambulance. Josh rides with his father to the island’s care center, certain to be medevaced later.

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