Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 10

The Darkened Seas - All Season 6 episodes

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Original air date: June 15, 2010

The fate of the fallen deckhand on the Alaskan Leader hangs in the balance as the Coast Guard must wait several hours before finally medevacing the man to Anchorage by way of Saint Paul. After spending several days fighting freezing spray and ice, the crew of the Time Bandit begins pulling up decent numbers. Warmer weather makes deck conditions hazardous as large chunks of ice fall from the deck crane. On the Northwestern, Captain Sig attempts a dangerous nighttime transit of the narrow break-water into St. Paul harbor in order to offload. While in port, Jake Anderson goes to the island clinic and returns to the boat with a splint on his hand, putting his future on the boat in question. After leaving the harbor, Jake calls one of his sisters while on wheel watch to talk about his father, who has been missing for three weeks. Captain Sig gets the call saying that Jake’s father’s car was found abandoned on a remote logging road, letting the secret out. The Cornelia Marie finishes their record string on the ‘Rock Pile’ and steam for St. Paul. Along the way, Captain Phil begins to experience pain and ‘strange sensations’. Unable to bear it any longer, he briefly abandons the wheelhouse to go down to his cabin, the captain’s stateroom, for a pain pill. Phil discovers his youngest son, Jake, in his cabin in the act of stealing Phil’s medication. Angry and emotionally hurt over this turn of events, Phil tells Jake, “a liar and a thief”, to get out of his life. Jake begs for his forgiveness, claiming that he is “sick”. Phil begins to realize that this was more than a simple case of theft and asks Jake in what way he is sick, with Jake admitting that he has a drug addiction.

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