Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 8

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Original air date: June 1, 2010

The boats continue to clear gear after a bad case of freezing spray, dumping gear as fast as possible. When they begin pulling gear, both the Northwestern and Time Bandit find themselves on schools of bairdi crab instead of opilio, forcing them to empty their pots in the Bering Sea and move them elsewhere. To make matters worse on the Northwestern, Jake Anderson accidentally cuts his wrist, joining Edgar on the injured list. On the Wizard, Captain Keith is worried about the performance of greenhorn Paul, wanting a greenhorn to actually last through a full season for once. On the Kodiak, numbers are actually good for once, but one of the greenhorns, Clint, is messing things up. Captain Bill warns deck boss Adam to get the greenhorn in gear, or he’ll find a replacement at Saint Paul. The Cornelia Marie’s first string is bone dry. This wears quickly on Captain Phil, who is suffering three crushed discs in his back. On the Time Bandit, in addition to pulling the wrong kind of crab, greenhorn Jeremy is suffering debilitating seasickness, as his friend, Scott Hillstrand, tries to work him through it.

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