Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 7

When Hell Freezes Over - All Season 6 episodes

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Original air date: May 25, 2010

A very cold 2010 opilio crab season begins. The Time Bandit has hired Jeremy Shelton as a greenhorn, and he takes the early hazing very well. On the Northwestern, Edgar, who begins work on his 39th birthday, is suffering physically from years of abuse crabbing, putting Captain Sig in a tough position. The Cornelia Marie begins the season in a repair dock, needing to repair the hull, propellers and drive shafts after running aground on a reef. Paul Edgrin is the new greenhorn on the Wizard, and is already acquainted with Captain Keith. Captain Bill has something to prove, and three new deckhands, on the Kodiak after a terrible king crab season. The Northwestern gets a head start, but freezing spray forces the crew to drop all their pots early. The other boats who leave later quickly ice over, and have to begin chipping ice and dumping pots very quickly. The Time Bandit doesn’t bother baiting their first few strings. Jeremy is incredibly seasick. The Kodiak makes it to its target grounds, but the frozen-over stack creates a challenge. When the Wizard reaches its grounds, the weather reminds Keith of a year previous, when he nearly lost his crew to a rogue wave, so he makes sure the crew is extra careful. The Cornelia Marie finally gets underway, but when they get to their grounds after an overnight cruise, their pots are heavily iced over. Jake volunteers to hang off the edge of the stack to hammer the ice off the sides of the stack.

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