Deadliest Catch Season 6 Episode 6

False Pass - All Season 6 episodes

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Original air date: May 18, 2010

The fleet experiences some of the worst king crab weather ever in the last few days of the season. Against better judgment, the Time Bandit navigates the treacherous False Pass in the storm, and make it through safely. The Northwestern continues to pull blanks attempting to hunt blue king crab. Things are no better when Edgar is briefly at the helm. After constant single-digit counts, Captain Sig finally gives up. Captain Keith’s brother, Monte, takes the helm as the Wizard tries to hunt bairdi crab. They find unprecedented numbers of keepers and meet their quota quickly, but their greenhorn Joel keeps lagging. The Cornelia Marie is on its last strings in the brunt of the storm, and the crew works its hardest to get its last 20,000 pounds of crab. Things get worse when their generator goes out, but a quick fix gets them back running, and they race to get their pots up. The Kodiak is desperate to finish their quota, but their bad luck continues, and Captain Bill has to make one last trip to meet their quota.

With the season over, the crews return to Dutch Harbor. The Northwestern earns $50,000 per deckhand on red king crab, while barely breaking even on blue king crab. The Time Bandit takes $32,000 per deckhand. The Wizard gets $31,000 per deckhand, but lets go of greenhorn Joel. On the Cornelia Marie, the crew plays the shoe polish prank on Captain Phil after earning $27,000 per deckhand. The Kodiak lingers to finish their quota as the other feature boats retire until the 2010 opilio crab season.

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