Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 12

A Slap in the Face or a Kick in the Butt - All Season 5 episodes

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Original air date: June 30, 2009

The Northwestern has 10,000 pounds (4,500 kg) to fill her tanks before her offload in 24 hours. Suffering from a cough, Captain Sig Hansen decides to try to quit smoking for a day. An arctic front approaches from the north, bringing 30 feet (9.1 m) seas which make for a very wet deck. Captain Sig gives up on quitting smoking after three and a half hours. The Time Bandit continues to bring in good numbers after the fourth set back of pots in “butt cheeks” fishing grounds. Her crab tanks are packed full of crab and she heads back to St. Paul to offload. Two days after leaving St. Paul, the Cornelia Marie arrives where her pots should be, but does not find them. Captain Phil Harris must run around in circles to locate his pots. On board the Wizard, Captain Keith Colburn’s nerves are still frayed from the incident earlier in the season and he has been fishing in calmer waters which results in lower numbers of crab. Greenhorn Josh Warner is sleeping when the rest of the crew are eating and is slow coming out on deck. Captain Keith calls Josh up to the wheelhouse to give him an ultimatum to decide what he wants to work or quit. Before heading to offload at St. Paul, the Time Bandit makes a detour to look at the ice pack. Captain Andy Hillstrand finds that the ice pack is moving faster towards he gear that he is expecting and he must decide to either go move his northernmost pots or make a run to offload and hope that the ice pack does not reach his pots. Captain Andy decides to gamble and make the run in to offload. The Cornelia Marie managed to locate all 180 of her pots that were scattered by the sea ice. Moving to new grounds, Captain Phil claims that he can see bubbles and smell the “crab fart” in the water and drops a 30-pot prospect string. Headed to St. Paul, the Time Bandit finds that the ice pack is further south than Captain Andy expected. She must slowly make her way through the ice in St. Paul Harbor and use her crane to move the ice between the boat and the dock before she dock. The Northwestern has also found the ice pack on her way back to St. Paul. When she arrives, the St. Paul harbormaster calls to tell Captain Sig that the harbor is closed due to the ice. The Northwestern must drop anchor and wait out the ice. The Wizard’s numbers are picking up as she hauls up the last lots of her first trip. Greenhorn Josh’s work attitude is also picking up and he tells Captain Keith that he is ready to go for a second trip. Retired Engineer Lenny Lekanoff has only agreed to go on a single trip to replace the injured Monte Colburn. Captain Keith leaves a message for Monte to see if he is well enough to come back on board. After a 35-hour soak, Captain Phil Harris’ theory about the “crab fart” appears to be true as the Cornelia Marie crew pulls up good numbers on the prospect string. The Northwestern has been anchored off St. Paul for the past three days and the crew is beginning to worry about dead loss from the crab being on board for ten days.

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