Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 7

Down to the Wire - All Season 5 episodes

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Original air date: May 26, 2009

The final week of the king crab season sees the crew of the Wizard pushing to pull up their last 20 pots of the season. They get good numbers of keepers and head to Dutch Harbor to offload. On board the Northwestern, Captain Sig Hansen is radio fishing in English and Norwegian, but Deck Boss Edgar Hansen is skeptical of any advice received over the radio. The Cornelia Marie is finally on the crab, but their long trip makes Relief Captain Murray Gamrath worry that the crab in the tanks might be towards the end of how long they can survive. Deckhand Jake Harris has an injured back, but when brother Josh tries to help out, Josh ends up injuring Jake’s pride and they argue over their duties on deck. The brother soon make up when the boat averages 30 keepers per pot. With 200,000 pounds (91,000 kg) in their tanks, the Cornelia Marie begins the 30-hour trip back to Dutch Harbor to offload. Captain Sig on the Northwestern makes a gamble by dropping three 50-pot “Hail Mary” strings on the radio information he received, but the pots bring up lousy numbers and the crew has to continue to grind through the season. With their season completed before the other boats, the Hillstrand brothers of the Time Bandit go fishing in San Carlos, Mexico. Just outside Dutch Harbor, Captain Keith Colburn of the Wizard calls Greenhorn Josh Warner up to the wheelhouse to congratulate him on a good job during the season and to offer him a job during the upcoming opilio season. First Mate Gary Soper initiates Josh to the crew by playing a practical joke on him. As the Wizard is being offloaded, Engineer Lenny Lekanoff surprises the Colburn brothers by telling them that he is retiring after fishing for 25 years. The Northwestern picks up their last “Hail Mary” string and the crew celebrates by shooting off fireworks, but Captain Sig is worried that the Coast Guard will interpret the fireworks as signal flares. At Dutch Harbor, the Cornelia Marie offloads their crab. The crew is dismayed to find a lot of dead loss due to the boat being out too long. The crew makes one final trip out to dump the dead loss over the side. Captain Sig of the Northwestern barely makes his delivery deadline and the cannery haggles with him over the price of the crab. Two weeks after the season ends, the captains gather to settle the Captain’s Wager. The wager comes down to a single pot between the Time Bandit and the Wizard, with the Time Bandit winning. Captain Johnathan Hillstrand splits the winnings with the crew.

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