Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 6

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Original air date: May 19, 2009

The Wizard is being helmed by Monte Colburn as she fishes in 35-foot (11 m) seas, 100,000 pounds (45,000 kg) short of her quota. At first pots in the string are full, but the count quickly drops off. The Northwestern drops 86 pots on a third string in new fishing grounds. As she heads back to the other end of the grounds, Deck Boss Edgar Hansen needles Deckhand Jake Anderson, which upsets him. The bad feelings chill when a wave crashes on deck, hits Edgar and Jake, and knocking Edgar off his feet. The Cornelia Marie’s bad luck continues when she only gets 45 keepers out of 25 pots. Hoping to change their luck, Deckhands Josh Harris, Jake Harris, and Freddy Maugatai try their new tradition of shaving their heads into a mohawk. After pulling up mediocre numbers for the past three days, the Time Bandit heads to their last string of the season. The string starts off good, pulls up a blank on the third pot, but the last few pots have good numbers, allowing the crew to meet their quota of 270,000 pounds (120,000 kg) of crab. Captain Johnathan Hillstrands plots a course back to Dutch Harbor to offload. On board the Lisa Marie, crew morale sinks when a string after a 20 hour soak pulls up mostly female crab. The crew must stack and move their 60 pots for the third time in two weeks. Deck Boss Robert Christensen berates Deckhand Brandon Williams. Brandon then goes to Captain Wade Henley to tell him that this will be his last trip on the boat because he feels that he is not getting the respect that he deserves. After the mediocre numbers that Monte Colburn picked up through the storm, Captain Keith Colburn packs five strings in a 2-square-mile (5.2 km2) area back where he saw the herd of walruses. The plan works out when the crew pulls of pots with large numbers of crab. At Dutch Harbor, the Time Bandit offloads her catch. Captain Johnathan has caught over $1.7 million worth of crab. The crew celebrate the end of the king crab season by smashing several whipped cream pies in the face of Andy Hillstrand, who will be captain during the upcoming opilio crab season.

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