Deadliest Catch Season 5 Episode 4

Put Up or Shut Up - All Season 5 episodes

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Original air date: May 5, 2009

While on a 45-minute run to another string, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand of the Time Bandit receives a call from the cannery that his delivery deadline has been moved up three days, leaving 36 hours to fill the boat. On board the Wizard, Monte Colburn is upset that Greenhorn Josh Warner had posted a picture of him and his girlfriend near the bait station. Monte smears bait over the photo, which prompts Josh to leave the deck and complain to Captain Keith Colburn about the issue, but he receives no sympathy and is told to get back to work. Captain Wade Henley and the Lisa Marie arrives at the southern end of the fishing grounds two weeks after the rest of the fleet because she was fishing for cod for a month. The smallest boat in the fleet at 78 feet (24 m) long can only carry 40 pots, which she drops overboard for a prospect string. On the Northwestern, steady but mediocre numbers make Captain Sig Hansen happy, but his mode changes when the cannery calls to tell him that they have moved his delivered day up a day, leaving less than 72 hours to catch 50,000 pounds (23,000 kg) of crab. His mood continues to darken when the fatigue of the deck crew, who have been working for 17 hours non-stop, causes them to slow down and make mistakes. The Time Bandit pull up a 75 pot string with low numbers putting their push to fill their quota in time for delivery in jeopardy, but two large pots push them over their 117,000-pound (53,000 kg) full load and they head back to port. On their way to pick a cod fishing string, Deckhand Jake Anderson of the Northwestern receives permission from the crew and Captain Sig to man the hydraulics for the first time. When Captain Sig comes out of the wheelhouse to caution Jake about going too fast, Edgar Hansen becomes unhappy about Captain Sig stepping across the line of responsibility from the wheelhouse to the deck. After dropping her 40 pots overboard, the Lisa Marie anchors at Amak Island to take cover from the storm where she is joined by the Cornelia Marie. Captain Murray Gamrath of the Cornelia Marie is relieved from the wheelhouse after being on duty for 39 hours straight. Deckhand Corey Eisenbarth notices that the boat is drifting due to the 8-foot (2.4 m) swells and 60 miles per hour (97 km/h) winds and wakes up Captain Murray so that he can captain the boat while they pull up the anchor. The anchor line gets caught on the outside of the pulley. Corey manually works the line free while Captain Murray engages the engines to relieve the stress on the line.

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