Deadliest Catch Season 4 Episode 16

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Original air date: July 22, 2008

With 145,000 pounds (66,000 kg) crab left to catch, Relief Captain Murray Gamrath of the Cornelia Marie received a call about the boat’s offload date. With an earlier than expected offload date and cold weather nearly shutting down fishing, the crew hurries to pick up their last pots of the season. In between a 4 hour run to the Northwestern’s last string of the season, Deck Boss Edgar Hansen decided to make a “deck dummy” dressed as a crew member to throw off the top of the wheelhouse as a prank against Captain Sig Hansen, but his plan was interrupted when the boat arrived at the string. On the Wizard, the crew spent the last 36 hours, 135 pots, and 70,000 keepers trying to fill the port aft tank, but it continued to take in more crab until the very last pot of the season when it finally appeared to top off. The crew celebrated the end of their season, but unknown to them, the tank once again appeared to settle and was no longer full. On board the Northwestern, the crew did the traditional flaming hook for the last toss of the season. With the last pot pulled in, Deck Boss Edgar Hansen put his prank plan into action, but was foiled when Captain Sig noticed that the deck dummy’s legs were crooked and it could not have been a real crew member. The crew of the Cornelia Marie worked through various injuries to pick up their last 180 pots for 95,000 pounds (43,000 kg) of crab and headed to Dutch Harbor to offload. Back home outside of Seattle, Captain Phil Harris continued his recovery from the blood clot and contemplated his future as a fishing boat captain. The Time Bandit finished up a 42-hour grind to finish the season and headed to Dutch Harbor to offload. Captain Andy Hillstrand let greenhorn Earon Overson toss the last hook of the season as his hard work gained the respect of the crew. At St. Paul Island, the Wizard offloaded 425,000 pounds (193,000 kg) of crab. After the port aft tank was emptied, Deck Boss Gary Soper discovered the reason for the apparently bottomless tank; a hole opened up towards the top of the tank, letting crab escape back into the sea. Back at Dutch Harbor, Deckhand Shea Long of the Time Bandit was unhappy with the prospect of Scott Hillstrand taking over the boat. Jake and Josh Harris reunited with their father in Seattle and Captain Phil discussed the seriousness of his illness and his future as captain. As an epilogue to the season, it was noted that on March 23, 2008, two weeks after the crab season ended, the fish processing vessel Alaska Ranger took on water and sank, forcing the 47 crew members to enter the water. 42 crew members were rescued by the United States Coast Guard and the sister ship Alaska Warrior. Four crew members perished and their bodies recovered, but one crew member was lost at sea.[3]

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