Deadliest Catch Season 4 Episode 15

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Original air date: July 15, 2008

On board the Wizard, the crew pulled up full pots after letting them soak at new fishing grounds for 27 hours. After 36 hours of work, the crew of the Northwestern finished rescuing their pots ahead of the approaching ice pack. After relocating the pots to safer grounds, Captain Sig Hansen was again on the crab and the boat pulled in good numbers. When a pot was being hauled on deck, a broken bridle on the pot nearly caused Deckhand Nick Mavar Jr. to have his foot caught in the line as the pot descended back to the ocean floor. Quick work by Deck Boss Edgar Hansen saved the pot when he tossed the slack line overboard and put the tail of the line back into the block. Relief Captain Murray Gamrath decided to strengthen the deck crew by hiring aboard Mark Anderson, who had been away from the fleet for over a year after an off season fall. Mark was put to work at the controls of the hydraulics, but the hiatus made him a little rusty at the controls and he caused a pot to swing out of control as it was being pulled on deck. Fishing on untested grounds and with 36 hours to catch 190,000 pounds (86,000 kg) of crab, Captain Andy Hillstrand of the Time Bandit planned to push his crew through a four-day grind until the boat was full. An unexpected wave while pulling a pot caused the line to jump free of the block and to go up over Deckhand Shea Long’s head and behind his back, but a quick reaction from him prevented him from being injured by the line. After a 30-hour steam, the North American arrived at Dutch Harbor for their final offload of 150,000 pounds (68,000 kg) of crab. After consulting with the crew, Captain Sten Skaar decided to let go of greenhorn Darrell Labay before the start of the new crab season. Mediocre fishing caused the Wizard to struggle to fill their last crab tank, which caused the deck crew’s morale to drop and tension between greenhorns Lynn Guitard and Cooper Weatherby.

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