Deadliest Catch Season 4 Episode 13

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Original air date: July 1, 2008

After one last cigarette, Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie checked himself into the emergency room at Providence Alaska Medical Center at 3:00 am. The Northwestern’s crew attempted to retrieve the ship’s anchor after it snapped off in a storm the night before. Using a jury rigged drag hook, the crew attempted to secure the heavy anchor chain, but the ship began to drift in the strong current, which caused the Northwestern to list dangerously to the side. After four tense hours, the crew finally recovered the anchor. The Time Bandit pulled into St. Paul Island to pick up new greenhorn Earon Overson. Later as the crew began pulling in their next string of pots, senior Deckhand Russell Newberry taught the new greenhorn how to work on deck and sort crab. With offloading complete, the Cornelia Marie set off with Engineer Murray Gamrath as relief captain and a new greenhorn, Dan Decker. On their way to Dutch Harbor to offload, a pipe that feeds the after crab tank with fresh water burst on the Wizard. The crew worked together to patch the pipe before it could flood the engine room. After working their first string without Captain Phil Harris aboard and with the crew asleep, Relief Captain Murray called Captain Phil to check on his status. Captain Phil told Murry that he was diagnosed with a blood clot that came loose in his leg and traveled up through his heart into his lung, a condition the doctors say could have killed him. At Dutch Harbor, after a slow offload, the crew of the North American spent a day repairing the extensive damage to the aft deck caused by a rough wave three days earlier. Back at sea, Captain Sten Skaar let greenhorn Darrell Labay work the rail, but the rest of the crew questioned the captains decision on letting an inexperienced crew member work the rail. When Darrell could not keep up, the crew continued to lose respect for him. On board the Time Bandit, their greenhorn Earon’s work improved, though he battled sea sickness. After reaching Dutch Harbor, Captain Keith Colburn fired greenhorn Jason Moilanen for breaking the cardinal rule aboard ship of never questioning the captain of the boat. The Colburn brothers welcomed Jason’s replacement, Cooper Weatherby aboard, who brought along a gift of two Cup Noodles for Captain Keith.

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