Deadliest Catch Season 4 Episode 11

Big Weather, Big Trouble - All Season 4 episodes

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Original air date: June 17, 2008

An emergency weather warning about an approaching hurricane was broadcast to the fleet. At Dutch Harbor, Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie opted for the cheaper and easier band-aid repair to one of his engines in order to make it through the rest of the season and then headed back out to the fishing grounds. Heavy seas battered the crew of the Wizard. On board the Northwestern, the boat’s crab processor called Captain Sig Hansen to tell him that they bumped the boat’s delivery date up two days and wanted a larger delivery. Even though Captain Sig told the crew he would not have them pull two all nighters in a row, Captain Sig agreed to the new delivery date, forcing the crew to work through a second night. The tired crew made a near deadly mistake when they did not dog down a pot on the launcher and it slid off, pinning greenhorn Jake Anderson against the sorting table. Quick work by the crew freed Jake before he was crushed by the 1,000 pounds (450 kg) pot. On the Time Bandit, Johnathan Hillstrand decided to go out on the deck to work a string before the hurricane hit. While throwing an underhanded toss of the hook, Johnathan missed and the hook hit him in the face, opening a small cut above his nose. In between a run to test pots, Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie confronted his son Jake over Jake’s work ethic. Just on the edge of the hurricane, the boat fished in 40-foot (12 m), 100-knot (185 km/h; 115 mph) seas, pulling up an average of 800 keepers per pot. But worsening weather forced Captain Phil to quickly dump the rest of his pots and run for cover. After 35 straight hours of fishing, the Northwestern succeeded in filling all of the boat’s tanks in time to make their new delivery deadline.

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