Deadliest Catch Season 4 Episode 3

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Original air date: April 22, 2008

The family fishing grounds produced results for the Time Bandit as they pulled an average of 60 keepers per pot for 12 hours. After 19 days of fishing, the Time Bandit was the first vessel to head to Dutch Harbor to offload. On the way back, greenhorn Scott Hillstrand contemplated his future as a fisherman. The Northwestern’s traditional family ground also produced good results, but greenhorn Jake Anderson’s sloppy crab counting angered Captain Sig Hansen. Deck Boss Edgar Hansen scolded the deck crew over not carrying an emergency knife should anybody get caught in a line. As punishment, he makes Jake wear a dead cod on his back. The Wizard was also on the crab with a string of 300 pots in a 1 square mile (2.6 km2) area. However, Captain Keith Colburn noticed that another fishing vessel had navigated a loop around one of his pots and pulled it up to sneak a look at his catch. Captain Keith’s call to the suspect vessel went unanswered and he threatened the other captain to not mess with his equipment. Two weeks behind the rest of the fleet because of fishing for brown king crab, the Early Dawn tried to catch up by dropping 100 pots along a 50 nautical miles (93 km) string, but this prospect line only pulled up a few cod per pot, causing a drop in morale on deck. After two weeks of poor fishing, staying awake for three straight days, and a 19-hour shift at the wheel, fatigue caught up with Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie and he fell asleep, causing the boat to miss two pots. After the crew wondered about two consecutive missed pots, they call up the wheelhouse and wake up Captain Phil. The picking hook’s pulley breaks on the Northwestern, which required Edgar to ride the crane up to replace the broken block. Mechanical problems also plagued the Wizard when a hydraulic line sprung a leak, but a patch was quickly installed by Engineer Lenny Lekonoff.

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