Deadliest Catch Season 4 Episode 2

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Original air date: April 15, 2008

A storm front forced the Northwestern to drop their pots 50 nautical miles (93 km) short from their planned target in rough seas. The Time Bandit set their prank on Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie by replacing one of the Cornelia Marie’s pots with the junk truck. When the crew of the Cornelia Marie pulled up the truck, they get a good laugh and then dump the truck overboard. Captain Phil called Captain Johnathan Hillstrand over the radio and gave him an “A+” for the prank. Captain Rick Fehst of the Early Dawn hurried to finish fishing for brown king crab so that he could switch to red king crab. The vessel ended the season catching 784,000 pounds (356,000 kg) of brown crab worth $1.9 million. The Wizard picked up another 150 pots from storage, which caused more work for the greenhorns and pushed Jason Moilanen to his breaking point. The Northwestern’s gamble to fish further south did not work out and the crew pulled up nearly empty pots. After pulling up all of this pots, Captain Sig moved north to a different old family fishing grounds. He reminded Edgar Hansen of his ritual of biting the head off a herring for good luck and hoped following the ritual would bring better luck. The Time Bandit also had poor luck with their pots, pulling up few crabs per pot. The Wizard’s plan to fish at the northern tip of the fishing grounds paid off with good prospect pots and they dropped their entire 150 pots.

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