Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 12

A Frozen Finish - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: June 19, 2007

The Time Bandit carefully made its way through the pack ice to the processing boat Independence at St. Paul Island. As the boat tried to leave St. Paul, it ran into too much ice and was forced to return to St. Paul and spend a tense night near the beach where the Alaskan Monarch ran aground in 1990 in the same conditions. As the pack ice tightened and bay rollers began shoving the boat toward the beach during the changing of the tide, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand sounded the emergency alarms to awaken his crew and ordered all of them to take ice watches—including going down into the holds to watch the ship’s walls for puncture marks from the huge ice floes—as he struggled to find a way back to open water. By dawn, the Time Bandit finally spotted open water and made their way out of the remaining pack ice; the ship’s hull was creased and dented but remained intact, and the Time Bandit headed back to Dutch Harbor. Aboard the Wizard, greenhorn Guy continued to lag behind and left the deck for the second time after being reprimanded by the captain, angrily cursing out the captain and crew and quitting the job for good, voicing his intention to “jump off the boat” as soon as they returned to Dutch Harbor. After greenhorn Crosby picked up the slack left by Guy’s defection, Captain Monte Colburn decided to give him a 0.5% bonus out of his own share. The Farwest Leader had a lot of deadloss due to their bad engine slowing their pace—some of their crab had been in the hold for 14 days—but still managed to have a good season. Greenhorn Ragnhild Moncrief of the Farwest Leader decided that there was no place on a crab boat for a woman because there were so few jobs women could do, and declared she felt as if she had been a “wasted space” the entire season despite her notable contributions to the season’s success. Aboard the Cornelia Marie, Captain Phil Harris and his two sons had their annual line coiling contest and the surprise winner was Josh, the boat’s greenhorn. The Cornelia Marie had a record-breaking season, catching over one million pounds of crab. The Northwestern packed her holds full of crab—including dumping their entire sea water load to make more room for their last pots of crab—and once again won the dollars earned title, but then busted a hydraulic line on their crane as they worked to restack their last pots. After offloading at Akutan, the Northwestern crew decided that greenhorn Jake had earned the boat jacket that was his goal for the season, and Captain Sig Hansen gave Jake the jacket off his back and finally gave him the long-overdue greeting and praise for his work, adding that the jacket didn’t make Jake a man, but “it does make you cool!” The Northwestern returned to Puget Sound at the end of the opilio season and were greeted by happy family members.

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