Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 11

Ice and Open Water - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: June 12, 2007

After heading north to scout for the January pack ice—and having Edgar leave snow angels and the Northwestern logo on one of the larger floes of pack ice they encountered—Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern hurried southward to pull his pots before the pack ice reached them. The disgruntled greenhorn Guy on the Wizard realized that it was not fair to his shipmates to stay inside, while the rest of the crew froze outside, chipping ice from the boat, so he returned to work. The increasingly cold weather and long working hours affected the Northwestern greenhorn, Jake, and he reached his breaking point, leading to a rare “pep talk” of sorts from Sig, which reminded Jake to keep focused on his goals. Fishing on one engine slowed the Farwest Leader, but the boat brought up full pots. However, the captain’s decision to carefully sort the crab caused the deck boss, Chilly, to become grumpy, forcing Captain Greg Moncrief to have to face-to-face discipline with Chilly. Captain Andy Hillstrand turned over the Time Bandit to his brother Johnathan after an emergency required Andy to return to his horse farm in Indiana. With Johnathan at the helm, the boat pulled up huge numbers of crab, and the crew restacked the gear in preparation for the end of the season after successfully retrieving their quota. Aboard the Cornelia Marie, greenhorn Josh gained new respect for tossing the hook and working the rail after he discovered it is not as easy as it looks. On the Farwest Leader, greenhorn Raghnild cut her hand in the galley and Deck Boss Chilly hurried downstairs with Captain Greg to help her; the distracted crew failed to notice that the launch signal had not been given and launched a crab pot. Unintended launches often cause pots to get accidentally dragged under fishing vessels due to the captain not being able to steer the boat away from the waves near the launch position; when Captain Greg discovered the launch, he had his crew keelhaul a line from bow to stern to confirm that no pots had gotten tangled underneath. Meanwhile, the Time Bandit quickly made up time lost due to their own tangled pot line and headed for St. Paul for their final offload, only to run headlong into the dangerous January pack ice.

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