Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 10

Trials of the Greenhorn - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: June 5, 2007

In rough seas and cold weather that causes ice to build up, greenhorn Guy on the Wizard hit his breaking point and walked off the deck, leaving the rest of the crew to pick up his duties. Guy complained about a lack of respect from the crew and that there was “no call” for taunts that he “pushes like a girl” from the more experienced crew members, but Captain Monte chastised him that walking off the deck signaled that Guy was a “quitter” who “couldn’t handle the job” he’d volunteered to do one day earlier. The other greenhorn on the Wizard, Crosby, was amazed by Guy’s retreat: “He didn’t even last 24 hours! Come on—you can do anything for 24 hours!” The Cornelia Marie hurried to pull up her pots before a severe storm with gale-force winds was due to hit. While pulling full pots, but with mostly rejects, the Farwest Leader’s port engine broke, forcing the crew to shut down the engine and chain the shaft so that the propeller turning from the force of the water itself would not burn out the drive shaft. Captain Moncrief of the Farwest Leader decided to continue fishing with one engine, but switched from fishing bairdi to opilio crab. Pulling full pots that were set back on the same spot inspired Captain Sig Hansen of the Northwestern to swap jobs with his brother Edgar and work the deck, something he had not done for over twenty years; each man lasted only a short time at the other’s job before both admitting they’d rather be in their regular slots, and switched places once more after Sig successfully pulled fifteen pots. Meanwhile, the Northwestern greenhorn Jake tried to prove himself by working the rail under “Sig Rules”—that is, every miss cost him an article of clothing—and successfully pulled in a string of thirteen pots, though his many misses resulted in him wearing little more than a sweatshirt and long johns by its completion; Jake’s willingness to continue learning to throw the hook and retrieve pots earned him respect from both Sig and Edgar. However, Jake then pushed it too far and then learned a lesson on fishing “old school style” with no hydraulics and no automated conveyer belts transporting crab to the tanks after Edgar heard him complaining about his aching hands. At Dutch Harbor, Captain Andy Hillstrand cleared a tangled line from the shaft of the Time Bandit. While the work was being done, greenhorn Nate was arrested for an outstanding warrant by the Unalaska Police and taken to jail; Johnathan and the rest of the crew headed for the nearest ATM to withdraw enough cash to pay Nate’s bail so that he could return to fishing.

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