Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 9

Crossing the Line - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: May 29, 2007

The Northwestern pulled up full pots as the crew tried to make up for lost time. Although the Northwestern greenhorn, Jake, was becoming more accepted by the crew due to his eagerness to learn and his rapidly advancing skills, he learned the hard way that playing pranks on the deck boss is never a good idea; in response to Jake’s snapping him with a spring-loaded bait hook, Edgar Hansen used cable ties to wrap Jake’s oilskins into a compact bundle, causing Jake to be late getting back out on deck for the next pot run. The deck crew of the Cornelia Marie and Time Bandit were battered by huge waves. Captain Keith Colburn handed over the Wizard to his brother, Monte, after having to return home due to a family emergency. The boat also picked up a new greenhorn—Guy, a former rodeo cowboy—after greenhorn Nick injured himself and had to leave the boat, but greenhorn Guy found the work difficult. A wave caused a line to tangle around the starboard shaft of the Time Bandit, forcing the boat to return to port for repairs.

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