Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 4

Cheating Death - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: April 24 2007

The fishing aboard the Northwestern was excellent and the crew filled their tanks to the brim, though the repetitive nature of fishing 300 pots became exhausting for the crew; on their way to another string of pots, Captain Sig Hansen and his crew discussed whether or not to take a break, with the decision by Sig to keep going, leaving Edgar to comment, “If Sig had any people skills, they were lost long ago. Only thing that keeps us going is the money.” A replacement propeller was flown in for the Cornelia Marie, but repairs were delayed because the propeller is left handed, while the Cornelia Marie’s propellers are right handed. Several days later, a second propeller arrived and is installed, allowing the boat to return to fishing, but not before Captain Phil Harris discovered his blood pressure was up in the 180/120 range; when Phil discovered that Jake and Josh had been charging shopping at Dutch Harbor to Phil’s accounts, he cut off credit for both of them and blew his stack at them for spending his money so indiscriminately after Phil had just spent thousands of dollars on boat repairs. Jake and Josh both shrugged off Phil’s anger, and Jake gave the captain a back massage as a peace offering. Aboard the Maverick, Captain Blake Painter fabricated a temporary fix for a broken dog on the pot launcher, then retrieved their sabotaged pot moments later; Blake declared the prank pot “lame”. On their way to Akutan to offload, Blake spotted a Cornelia Marie pot and decided to take revenge by sabotaging the pot with backwards bridles and garbage offloads, but it caused little reaction on the Cornelia Marie when they retrieved it. On the Farwest Leader, a junior deckhand at the hydraulic controls caused an accident after failing to secure a pot and then broke the crane line, leaving Captain Greg Moncrief to comment to his wife that such accidents were why it was not safe to stand around the sorting tables while the pots were being emptied onto it. After poor results with their test pots, the Time Bandit pulled all their pots out of their current fishing grounds, changed strategy, and moved north. On the way to the northern end of the fishing grounds, Captain Johnathan Hillstrand observed a deckhand on another boat tying a pot stack off the side of another vessel, the Trailblazer. After the crew of the Time Bandit headed below for some rest, the man tying the stack was overwhelmed by the 30-foot swells and disappeared into the waves. Captain Hillstrand and his crew worked quickly to save the fisherman who fell into the sea. Their quick action saved the man from certain death, and the fisherman was overjoyed by the swift rescue efforts of the Time Bandit and her crew. Johnathan and the rescued fisherman were both overwhelmed with emotions after the rescue—ten years earlier, the Time Bandit had rescued a fishing boat crew in a similar situation but was unable to save one of the fishermen, and the memory had haunted the Hillstrands for years afterward; with this successful save, the Hillstrand brothers said they felt they had finally settled the score with the past for the loss of that fisherman.

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