Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 3

Pain in Paybacks - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: April 17, 2007

The Northwestern had bad luck with its second string of 150 pots and decided to fish closer to its first set of pots where they had better luck. Northwestern deckhand Matt Bradley finally confessed to Captain Sig Hansen that he was due to be in court before the official end of the season for an outstanding criminal case that could land him up to eight months in jail; Sig chastised Matt for waiting so long to tell him of this important deadline, reminding him that there was no way to predict when the boat would catch enough to reach its quota. Rough seas caused a crewmember aboard the Wizard to have his finger crushed between two pots, which required professional medical attention at Dutch Harbor, a return to port which Captain Keith Colburn admitted was going to cost the crew thousands of dollars in lost fishing time but was necessary to avoid costing crew member Lenny Lekanoff his finger. When the Time Bandit pulled in low crab counts after having to move their greenhorn to the rail due to an injury to veteran crewmember Russ Newberry, the Hillstrand brothers decided to have a little fun at the expense of the greenhorn with a “flour pot”—a pot with several trash bags full of flour tied to the rope, which would burst when pulled up through the hydraulic block; the trick worked to perfection as greenhorn Nate put the sabotaged pot’s rope into the blocks, only to be covered in exploding white powder seconds later. Captain Blake Painter of the Maverick received a tip on a hot spot to fish from Captain Phil Harris of the Cornelia Marie, but Phil made him promise not to share it with anyone else; however, Blake decided to share the tip with Captain Corky Tilley of the Aleutian Ballad as a sign that he was willing to give information and not merely take it from other captains, not realizing that Phil was listening in on the same communication band Blake was using. An annoyed Phil got his revenge on Blake’s betrayal by sabotaging one of the Maverick’s pots, doing a variation on the Northwestern welded door trick: The Cornelia Marie crew emptied all the crab out of the pot (“Thanks, Blake!” crew members declared on-camera as they put 50-something keepers in their tanks), put Cornelia Marie bait boxes into the pot, welded the door shut, turned the pot around backwards and re-strung the “bridle” (the loop to which the pot shots are tied for retrieval) through the welded door, then relaunched the pot, with Phil declaring “That’s how you {#bleep#} with somebody, Cornelia Marie style”. The Farwest Leader had declining numbers of crabs in their pots, leading Captain Greg Moncrief to challenge his wife Ragnhild Moncrief to pick a better spot for fishing; Ragnhild picked a spot to the northwest of their current position, and was rewarded with a number of full pots pulled in return, prompting the crew to dub her “Captain Ragny”. The Farwest Leader crew painted a grappling hook bright pink in honor of Ragnhild’s increasing confidence in crabbing, and she got to toss the hook to retrieve one of the pots, snagging the line on her second try. The Cornelia Marie broke off a part of one her propellers and went to King Cove for emergency repairs.

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