Deadliest Catch Season 3 Episode 2

The Unforgiving Sea - All Season 3 episodes

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Original air date: April 10, 2007

The search for the crew of the Ocean Challenger continued by air and by the USCGC Munro.[1] The bodies of two crewmembers, without survival suits, were recovered, while the fourth crewmember was lost to the sea. The survivor, Kevin Ferrell, tells his story to the Coast Guard. The fleet reacted to the loss of the Ocean Challenger. The Northwestern set its second load of 150 pots while dealing with a broken hose on the hydraulic launchers. Deck boss Edgar Hansen committed the karmic faux pas of estimating their catch before it’s pulled. The Time Bandit finally set its pots using herring instead of cod for hanging bait with poor results. After a slow start, the Maverick pulled in full pots and returned to St. Paul to offload. The Cornelia Marie fished through the night at a fast pace. Rough seas on the Farwest Leader made greenhorn Ragnhild sick, but she pulled through and worked the deck after losing a bet on the number of crab pulled up in the first pot of the season; although she started out at the bait station loading bait buckets for pots, she gradually got over her fear of the snapping king crab to move to the sorting table and assist in the crab sort and count process.

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