Deadliest Catch Season 2 Episode 11

Race Against the Ice - All Season 2 episodes

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Original air date: June 6, 2006

Long hours aboard the Northwestern caused tension between captain and crew; Captain Sig allowed the crew to rest after a series of long strings when Edgar convinced him that the men could not go on any longer, but the next morning when the weather had gotten significantly colder, Sig awoke the men after only three hours of sleep and demanded they get back to work before the ice pack caught up with them. The Northwestern crew was less than pleased with Sig’s demanding fishing pace, so as a gesture of good faith, Sig left a coffee can marked “Suggestion Box” in the galley so that the crew could voice their complaints. Aboard the Rollo, the crew fudged the number of crabs caught per pot; under the IFQ system, quotas are divided between southern and northern shares, so when the Rollo arrived at processors near St. Paul Island (where the northern share processors are located) and their center tank was opened, the amount of crab in the tank were considerably over the allotted northern share and Captain Eric Nyhammer was assessed a large fine for going over quota. Eric announced to his crew that he was taking the fines out of the crew pay, since they were the ones who had miscounted the crab. As the Rollo was about to leave St. Paul to return to the southern fishing grounds, they were boarded by the Alaska Department of Commerce police and informed that under the IFQ rules, they could not leave St. Paul until they emptied all of their tanks, including one of the tanks with crab from the southern fishing grounds, which forced Eric to sell the crabs on board for under market prices. The injured crewman on the Cornelia Marie was diagnosed with a severe ankle sprain and the boat is forced to return to the fishing grounds shorthanded with Captain Phil Harris’s son, greenhorn Jake, taking up the slack; the lack of a fifth man on board slowed the pace of the deck crew by almost 50%. The Maverick continued to pull full pots while fishing on a sandbar, but as the ice approached, Captain Rick decided to chance leaving the rest of the gear in place and take his northern share up to St. Paul to drop off crab rather than risk losing the crabs that had been in the tank for nearly two weeks.

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