Deadliest Catch Season 2 Episode 3

On the Crab - All Season 2 episodes

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Original air date: April 11, 2006

The crews made headway in bringing crab on-board and fought even more rough weather. The Maverick dealt with two crew issues: Blake’s continued trumpeting his coming rise to the captain’s chair that had been verbally promised to him by Captain Quashnick during the offseason; and angry veteran crewmember Hiram, who was frustrated that the Maverick was employing a greenhorn (who was excited about seeing full pots coming aboard) while many of his own friends, crab veterans with far more experience, had been put out of work by the IFQ system. Boat Mother Donna Quashnick counseled the Maverick crew to give Hiram time to vent, and the next morning the squabble seemed forgotten as the crew returned to work. The Cornelia Marie, fresh off extensive engine repairs at Dutch Harbor, had just reached the fishing grounds and begun retrieving their pots that had been left soaking for days when the same engine threw a piston, creating even more destructive engine damage and forcing Captain Harris to take the boat back to Dutch Harbor again. The Northwestern continued their annual tradition of finding superb fishing grounds away from other boats, pulling in pots with nearly 70 crabs each on average, but when another severe storm approached the fleet, the Hansens weighed the odds of their nearly full tanks surviving the battering of an Arctic squall without serious deadloss and decided to head for the processors and cash out their load before the bad weather hit. The Rollo continued to have serious equipment issues, losing their GPS indicator in the middle of the night during a blizzard.

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