Deadliest Catch Season 1 Episode 9

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Original air date: June 7, 2005

Opilio crab season was eighty-four hours old, and the hunt for “Alaskan Gold” intensified as rumors flew about the season closure. This rumor pushed the crews harder, so boats were wondering where to put the extra crab. Other boats were just now hitting the sweet spot, and trying to make up for lost time. As the announcement of the end of the season arrives, giving boats just 36 more hours to work the fishing grounds, fatigued crews are pushed to work as hard as they can in the remaining time. Alaska crab fishing is normally done in a derby-style competition, where crews catch as much crab as they can during the season; the 2005 Opilio season would be the last year fishing like this, and the resulting IFQ (Individual Fishing Quota) system will put many smaller boats (like the Lady Alaska) out of business. All the captains express a great desire to make this last run the best; the Maverick hustles to fill their tanks a second time in the short season.

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