Deadliest Catch Season 1 Episode 6

Man Overboard - All Season 1 episodes

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Original air date: May 17, 2005

The last man was found from the Big Valley disaster, raising the death toll to five, with Cache Seel as the only survivor. The boats of the fleet were finally able to begin casting pots after a day of delays. However, shortly after getting started, a man fell overboard on the Sultan. The ship was unable to rescue him, bringing the death toll to six before the first 24 hours had passed. Captain Jeff Weeks of the Billikin realizes that the dead crewman from the Sultan is a friend of one of his own crewmen, who earlier expressed hope that his friend was not the one who died. Weeks decides to let his crewman know once the season is over; the man does not need the distraction to put himself in danger out on the deck.

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