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Season 1

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 1 Ep. 1GreenhornsWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 2Long Sleepless NightsWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 3Lady LuckWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 4Beat the ClockWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 5Dead of WinterWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 6Man OverboardWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 7High HopesWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 8Good FishingWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 9The Clock's TickingWatch Now
S. 1 Ep. 10The Final RunWatch Now

Season 2

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 2 Ep. 1Heading Out to SeaWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 2Batten Down the HatchesWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 3On the CrabWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 4Finish LineWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 5Friends and RivalsWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 6A New Hunt BeginsWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 7Smoke on the WaterWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 8Man vs. IceWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 9On the EdgeWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 10Pribilof StareWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 11Race Against the IceWatch Now
S. 2 Ep. 12Cashing InWatch Now

Season 3

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 3 Ep. 1A Tragic BeginningWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 2The Unforgiving SeaWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 3Pain and PaybacksWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 4Cheating DeathWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 5Bering Sea SalvationWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 6The Last LapWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 7New BeginningsWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 8Caught in the StormWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 9Crossing the LineWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 10Trials of the GreenhornsWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 11Ice and Open WaterWatch Now
S. 3 Ep. 12A Frozen FinishWatch Now

Season 4

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 4 Ep. 1Get 'Em Back Safe!Watch Now
S. 4 Ep. 2Striking OutWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 3A Numbers GameWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 4Unsafe and UnsoundWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 5No MercyWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 6Racing The ClockWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 7Seeking the CatchWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 8No Season for Old MenWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 9Storm SeasonWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 10Blow UpWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 11Big Weather, Big TroubleWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 12Mortal MenWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 13Fresh BloodWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 14Changing TidesWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 15Catch as Catch CanWatch Now
S. 4 Ep. 16The Final HourWatch Now

Season 5

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 5 Ep. 1Everything on the LineWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 2Red Skies in the MorningWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 3Stay Focused or DieWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 4Put Up or Shut UpWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 5Long Haul, Short FusesWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 6DeadlineWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 7Down to the WireWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 8Payback TimeWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 9No Second ChancesWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 10Sea of MiseryWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 11LockoutWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 12A Slap in the Face or a Kick in the ButtWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 13Ends of the EarthWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 14Bitter TearsWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 15Day of ReckoningWatch Now
S. 5 Ep. 16ShipwreckedWatch Now

Season 6

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 6 Ep. 1Slow BurnWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 2Breaking 'Em InWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 3Sea TestedWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 4Bering Sea Swim ClubWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 5Arctic QuestWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 6False PassWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 7When Hell Freezes OverWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 8We're Not in Kansas AnymoreWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 9Glory DaysWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 10The Darkened SeasWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 11Blown Off CourseWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 12Empty ThroneWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 13Cain and AbelWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 14Redemption DayWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 15ValhallaWatch Now
S. 6 Ep. 16EndlessWatch Now

Season 7

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 7 Ep. 1New BloodWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 2Proving GroundsWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 3Old Age & TreacheryWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 4Breaking PointWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 5A Wing and a PrayerWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 6Exit WoundsWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 7Thick as ThievesWatch Now
S. 7 Ep. 8Graduation DayWatch Now

Season 8

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 8 Ep. 1The GambleWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 2Turf WarWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 3Weak LinksWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 4The HookWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 5Alien AbductionWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 6Vital SignsWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 7I Don't Wanna DieWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 8The AftermathWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 9Nowhere to Go But DownWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 10Rise and FallWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 11No ExitWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 12Collision CourseWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 13LandlockedWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 14Fearless LeadersWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 15Release the BeastWatch Now
S. 8 Ep. 16The Bitter, Bloody EndWatch Now

Season 9

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 9 Ep. 1Mutiny on the Bering SeaWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 2Dagger in the BackWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 3Blood in the MorningWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 4The Crooke & The TanglerWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 5Judgment DayWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 6Fist to the FaceWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 7Goodbye JakeWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 8Kicking off with a BangWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 9The Storm of the SeasonWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 10Sleeping with the EnemyWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 11We're Not Gonna Take ItWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 12Listing LoversWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 13So You Wanna Be a Boat OwnerWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 14Ship of Iron, Men of SteelWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 15Man OverboardWatch Now
S. 9 Ep. 16The Final BattleWatch Now

Season 10

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 10 Ep. 1Careful What You Wish ForWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 2Family AffairWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 3Darwin's LawWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 4Against the LawWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 5On the RocksWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 6Falling DownWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 7Lost at SeaWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 8Cornelia Marie BlueWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 9Skipper Harris in TrainingWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 10Fisherman's DaughterWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 11Blonde AmbitionWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 12Women DriversWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 13Greatest Game Ever FishedWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 14Breaking MandyWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 15SabotageWatch Now
S. 10 Ep. 16You'll Know My Name Is The LordWatch Now

Season 11

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 11 Ep. 1A Brotherhood TestedWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 2Prodigal SonWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 3The UltimatumWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 4Super Typhoon Part 1Watch Now
S. 11 Ep. 5Super Typhoon Part 2Watch Now
S. 11 Ep. 6Wasted TalentWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 7Heavy Lies the CrownWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 8Zero HourWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 9Hell's BellsWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 10Lunatic FringeWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 11New Captain on the BlockWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 125-Year Storm Part 1Watch Now
S. 11 Ep. 135-Year Storm Part 2Watch Now
S. 11 Ep. 14Bite the HandWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 15New Blood, Old WoundsWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 16BeastmodeWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 17I'm the CaptainWatch Now
S. 11 Ep. 18We Have Not Yet Begun to FightWatch Now

Season 12

EpisodeTitleFull Episode
S. 12 Ep. 1Carpe DiemWatch Now
S. 12 Ep. 2First TimersWatch Now
S. 12 Ep. 3No Good DeedWatch Now
S. 12 Ep. 4Swedish TwinsWatch Now
S. 12 Ep. 5Million Dollar BetWatch Now
S. 12 Ep. 6100 Percent Injury RateWatch Now